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Google has improved their map search considerably by including natural phrases.

Previously a user had to select real estate, now all they need to do is type in a basic search terms within their Google Map search.

Here is the official press release from Google. Posted by Jordan Bayliss-McCulloch and Ryan Williams, Software Engineers.

Around half of the Googlers in our Sydney headquarters are software engineers, working on some really cool things – Google Wave, App Engine, Google Docs, and of course, Google Maps.

Recently, some of us have been working on a particularly interesting project that combines Google Maps and search technology – we’ve been trying to work out if your search query in Google Maps means you’re interested in having current real estate listings returned to you. It’s nice to get to work on some ‘search’ engineering down here!

So here’s what we’ve been cooking up – in the past, if you wanted to view real estate listings on Google Maps, your best bet was to select “Real Estate…” from the “More” menu at the top of the map.

Now, simply searching for “real estate” will return, well, real estate (try it)! You could also try “homes for sale sydney” or “homes for rent adelaide”. Or while you’re at it, check out “apartments for sale brisbane”, or “homes for rent near perth”. The idea is to make it really easy for you guys – you tell us what you want, and we get it back to you! Of course, we’ll continue to work to return the best results for all your Google Maps queries, whether you’re looking for local businesses, geographic features, or your perfect home.

We also wanted to tell you about the integration of real estate listings with Place Pages. Now clicking the “more info” link next to a listing takes you to a faster, easier-to-read page that gives you all of the information we have about a listing: photos, inspection times, videos, details, a Street View preview and nearby public transit information if available, allowing you to quickly find the listing you want and click through to the sources of the listing.

We hope you find these features improve your real estate search experience on Google Maps.

Whenever you write an article, it’s extremely important to make sure that you insert an interesting image that relates to your content. The main reason why it’s important is that you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention on the web before they decide whether to mouse click away or not.

A good quality image catches a person’s eye & increases the chances that your article will get read. Rather than running around taking photos or paying professional photographers & models to appear in your photos, there are a number of sites where you can download top quality images inexpensively.

Plus, now there’s an easier way to find the image you want.

Searching for these royalty free stock images has just been made even easier by a stock photo search engine called

“Tired of the cumbersome searches through stock photo sites? See better results with Our monster machine brings the results of the most popular stock sites to one location. Search once. See it all. At “ searches through sites like Flickr, Shutterstock, BigStockPhoto, Fotolia, stock.xchng, Cutcaster, & stockvault.

Another site I use for royalty free photos is iStockPhoto.

PhotoBucket & Google Images also provide a huge resource for images.

Inserting images into your articles doesn’t just catch a person’s eye when they visit your website.

There’s also another important reason why I always insert an images into my articles:- Facebook sharing.

Whenever I share one of my articles with my friends or fans on facebook I make sure there is a thumbnail of the image within the article appearing within the News Feed or Live Feed.

Having a good quality image appearing within the Facebook feed increases the likelihood that my Facebook friends & fans will click open the article.

Additionally, if they like the article enough then they may even share it with their Facebook friends.

And if they share the article with the image appearing then it increases the chance of having their friends come over & visit the website too.

The Impact Social media can have on a Real Estate business is enormous, but if you’re not part of the conversation then the impact can be extremely detrimental to your company.

As you’ll see in this YouTube video, 78% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers & only 14% trust advertisements. And people use social media to talk about the pros & cons about the products & services they use.

Remember the old saying that if people don’t like a customer experience they’ll tell 20-50 people & if they have a great experience they’ll only tell a handful.

Well, with social media they can tell millions of people whether your service is good or bad & whatever they post onto the web about you & your company stays up there forever.

Social media can help to build your brand faster than any other medium, but it can also destroy your brand if you sit back & let it.

Note: Whilst the video includes some US based figures, history has proven that Australians tend to adopt technology very quickly.

In recent figures, there are now over 6 million people in Australia on Facebook & we have a larger percentage of the Australian population on Facebook (27.86%) compared to the US (23.27%). Source: Neilsen Global

PS: Here’s some helpful information about Understanding How Social Networking Works

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